Conocimientos multidisciplinarios

We are experts in project management, engineering, integration, testing, installation and commissioning of turnkey solutions within both maritime and port infrastructure for the public and private sector​​.

Our preventive and corrective maintenance services for Vessel Traffic and Vessel Monitoring Systems are recognized by our clients throughout the country.

Además, suministramos todo tipo de refacciones para la infraestructura asociado a sistemas y subsistemas como radares, microondas, sistemas meteorológicos, respaldos eléctricos, entre otros.

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We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified with DAkkS accreditation

Our work is focused on ensuring the highest quality standard in every service or supply towards our clients.

Technological innovation in
mariime traffic.
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With a high level of adaptability, TRITON offers a reliable and low-cost solution for tracking, monitoring and managing information on ships and infrastructure in real time.
All of this under a friendly and intuitive presentation for operators.


System based on web components for the presentation and monitoring of vessels within the coverage area, which integrates an AIS network within the country.


It is a solution that allows you to display and manage the information related to arrivals and departures in the coverage area. It is a reliable, flexible and customizable solution.


Interface for Vessel Track System (iVAT System) is a mobility-oriented solution. It is a specific solution for management and / or monitoring, on gadget devices, of maritime traffic in the area of ​​influence of your AIS system.


WLD is a solution that allows the presentation of meteorological data in a friendly and adaptable interface according to the specific target, throughout the integration of different modules and sensors according to the needs of our clients.



Our multidisciplinary team of experts, has solid knowledge in various Telecommunications and Computer Systems.

Since safety in maritime traffic is our priority, we provide attention VTS systems and their different subsystems: AIS, VHF Radio and sideband, radars, CCTV, Meteorological Systems and Administration Software.


We supply highly specialized equipment and spare parts for the maritime - port sector in its detection areas (Radars, AtoN, AIS, etc.), communications (VHF / MF / MW), as well as electrical backup, computing devices, interfaces, among others.

Implementation / Supervision / Start-up

We offer work supervision services in IT infrastructure projects, as well as all the development and implementation of projects in the maritime-port sector.


We take care of designing your custom projects, always thinking of a profitability approach that allows you to have the best infrastructure at the best cost.

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

We provide preventive and corrective maintenance services to IT and telecommunications infrastructure. We are specialists in VTS maritime traffic control and maritime detection systems. We offer a quality service based on a customer focus where our main objective is to guarantee the continuous operation of your equipment or systems.

Fileds of

Microwaves systems

Capable of providing complex solutions for microwave links, contemplating supply, implementation, start-up, preventive and corrective maintenance to your microwave equipment. We have experience in different brands and equipment.

Very High Frequency Links

We provide highly specialized services in VHF, HF / MF systems, including design, implementation, start-up, preventive and corrective maintenance for the elements of any radio frequency and sideband radio system.

Electric Backups

Servicios para el diseño, implementación, puesta en marcha de respaldos eléctricos, entre los cuales se encuentran: UPS, supresores de pico, reguladores de voltaje, sistemas de tierra física, etc. Complementamos suministrando mantenimientos preventivos y correctivos para cualquier sistema de respaldo eléctrico.

Automatic Identification Systems

Suministro, instalación y configuración de sistemas de identificación automática complementándolo con servicios de mantenimiento preventivo y correctivo.

Meteorological systems

Suministros, implementación y puesta en marcha de una amplia cartera de sistemas meteorológicos. Complementando con servicios preventivos y correctivos para todo el sistema meteorológico.

Aid to Navigation (AtoN)

We provide highly specialized services for AtoN equipment on buoys, keeping the electronic and electrical elements in optimal conditions for proper operation.

Networks and Cabling

Diseño, suministro, implementación y puesta en marcha para sistemas de redes y cableado estructurado. Complementando con sistemas de procesamiento de datos, incluyendo pero no limitado a: servidores, consolas, equipo hardware y software. Servicio de mantenimiento preventivo y correctivo a sistemas de base de datos.


Design, supply, implementation and start-up of closed circuit television systems, optimizing the use of resources and providing a reliable solution according to a specific need.

Maritime traffic control

Design, implementation, start-up, preventive and corrective maintenance for any Vessel Traffic System (VTS), as well as all their elements.